Here’s My Honest Review as an Owner of a 2023 Toyota Tacoma

For nearly two decades, the Toyota Tacoma has been the best-selling  mid-size pickup truck in the United States. While there are several  reasons people choose to buy a Tacoma; for my wife and me, it comes down  to simplicity, reliability, and timing. 

Until recently, we had been driving my faithful 1997 Toyota T100, which currently has around 235,000 miles. But, we road trip often and decided  it was time to upgrade. 

Reasons I Wasn’t Waiting for the 2024 Model

Among the most significant differences is that Toyota is choosing to go with a turbocharged inline 4-cylinder engine instead of the naturally  aspirated V6 cylinder and a new eight-speed automatic transmission, replacing the old six-speed.  

Toyota will continue to offer manual-speed transmissions on specific Tacoma models – credit to the company for doing this. 

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Not a Fan of Turbo Charged Engine

Car manufacturers continue to incorporate smaller turbocharged engines into their line of vehicles to achieve increased miles per gallon, as  they claim to add power and torque. However, I like simplicity. I wanted  to avoid owning a vehicle with a turbocharged engine. 

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Even though turbocharged engines can generate large amounts of power, turbo engines run at extremely high temperatures, and engine parts are  under higher pressures and more strain than in naturally aspirated  vehicles. 

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