Epic Hiking, Camping & Road Trips: 3 Free Apps for Outdoor Trip Planning

Calling all outdoor enthusiasts! There are quite a few apps for outdoor trip planning that can be of great help to hikers, campers, and road trippers. That’s why we decided to share the FREE apps we use ALL OF THE TIME. 

We decided on free because that’s how we roll. We honestly get so tired of paying for subscriptions on things we don’t actually need (can you relate?). We’re always looking for easy and free tools to help us plan epic outdoor adventures, and we wanted to share that knowledge with you. 

Best Apps for Outdoor Trip Planning: Free Hiking App

AllTrails has over 250,000 trails available to explore and is an awesome app for hiking. When using AllTrails, search for hiking trails by area. You can also search the app for a specific hiking trail. 

1. AllTrails App

2. The Hiking Project App

Created by REI, The Hiking Project App is one of the most popular hiking apps! Get detailed trail information on over 250,000 trails. Find a particular trail, get trail length details, a trail map, elevation gain, trail navigation, and tracking right at your fingertips. 

Self-Guided Tours

The Hiking Project App is free of charge, even offline, making it another one of the best free hiking apps. 

3. Google Earth App

If you like seeing detailed topographic and satellite maps to plan where to hike, Google Earth offers a free version. The app provides real-time reference points for more visual people.

Self-Guided Tours

You’ll be able to see the roads to drive, nearby towns, mountains, canyons, or buildings close by. It even lets you drop and save waypoints. 

Find out the rest of the apps you really need for outdoor trip planning!

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