How to Camp for Free on BLM Land in Utah & Colorado

Dispersed camping, also called primitive camping on public lands, is one of the American West’s best-kept secrets. Are you interested in learning more about camping for free on BLM land?

This article will first discuss practicing environmental stewardship in the backcountry, what BLM land is, the types of outdoor activities you can do on BLM land, what primitive or dispersed camping means, and how to camp for free!

Practicing Environmental Stewardship on Public Lands

Rules… who would have thought there are rules to the backcountry?! Practice the principles from Leave No Trace on enjoying the outdoors without impacting the environment negatively.

Backcountry Dispersed Camping (Primitive Camping) Etiquette

1. Dispose of waste and trash properly. 2. Respect wildlife. 3. Be super careful of campfires as well as local fire restrictions. 4. Be considerate of other people recreating in the area. 5. Leave your campsite better than you found it.

Self-Guided Tours

– Dig a hole and bury your human waste – Pack out toilet paper and feminine products – Plan ahead and pack a ziplock with toilet paper and wipes to pack out

How to Use the Bathroom?

Don’t Bust the Desert Crust

Have you seen signs or stickers that say don’t bust the crust? The signage and public outreach are because it takes tens to hundreds of years for the desert biological soil crust to grow.

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Find out how to camp for free on BLM Land in Utah and Colorado!