How to Combat Feeling “Too Old” When Traveling Solo in Your 30s?

Now at 33, Emma is on a new solo trip for the next five months, but she is finding it hard to enjoy because she constantly feels reminded about how old she is. She can’t help but feel like she should be doing something more “appropriate” for other people her age. 

After she asked for opinions, here were the online responses for how others combat feeling “old” when traveling solo. 

How to Combat Feeling “Old” When Traveling Solo

“I couldn’t even fathom staying at a hostel, though, because it sounds like I would be a fish out of water.”  Stay at hotels and meet people on day trips.  “It helped me, and it might help you too.” 

Stay at Hotels, Not Hostel

“Do you say you can’t relate or carry on a conversation for more than two minutes?” Probably not.  “Then you’re in the same place! Most tourists during the day are doing similar things: walking around, looking at things, and, at some point, eating.” 

Stop Seeing Yourself as Old

Talk to other travelers and “share and compare thoughts” about the next day’s happenings.  Sometimes it creates an opportunity to enjoy things together. 

Self-Guided Tours

“I’ve crossed a Guatemala mountain with an 18-year-old Australian and a Mexican wine region on foot with a 73-year-old Swiss woman. You’re not going to connect with everyone, and that’s normal. Still, age shouldn’t be a limitation when making friends and sharing connections.”

“I’m 29, and people around me are freaking out over their 30’s. I’m young enough still, and it is just about how much weight you put on it. Just chill out, do your thang, and accept that this is life!” 

30 Is Young!

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