How to Hike the Hemmed in Hollow Trail in Buffalo National River

Buffalo National River has no shortage of epic day hikes, and the Hemmed in Hollow Trail is one of them. Touted as being one of the tallest waterfalls in Mid-America, cascading over 200 feet, we’ll share exactly how to hike to this hidden waterfall tucked within the Ozark Mountains and Buffalo River Valley in North Central Arkansas. 

How to Hike Hemmed in Hollow 

There are a few ways to get to the massive waterfall. You can hike from three different trailheads or float on the Buffalo National River. Continue reading for more details.

Accessing Hemmed in Hollow from the Compton Trailhead is a popular way to get to the falls. There is a good-sized parking lot here, and the trailhead is well-marked. 

Compton Trailhead

The Centerpoint Trailhead is another way to access Hemmed in Hollow. This adds more mileage than hiking from the Compton Trailhead since you’ll start closer to Ponca. 

Centerpoint Trailhead

Self-Guided Tours

Hikers can also access Hemmed in Hollow from Kyles Landing. This part of the trail is within the Ponca Wilderness Area. 

Kyles Landing

On a float trip, you can access Hemmed in Hollow from the Buffalo National River.  At the river, the trailhead to the falls is slightly marked with a white sign on one of the trees on the north side of the river. From the river, Hemmed in Hollow is a 0.9-mile hike. 

Buffalo National River

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