How to Spend One Perfect Day in Hot Springs National Park

If visiting all the national parks in the U.S. is on your bucket list, you’ll have a blast exploring Hot Springs National Park. But keep in mind it’s unlike most of the other national parks. 

There are so many fantastic things to see and do within the park, and you won’t be disappointed visiting! Here’s how to spend the best day sightseeing at Hot Springs National Park. 

Things to Do at Hot Springs National Park

First, head to the Fordyce Bathhouse, which is the visitor center for Hot Springs National Park. From here, you can get a map of the area, speak to a ranger if you have questions, and tour around. 

Visitor Center Fordyce Bathhouse

There are eight to explore and tour around. Each has its own flare, unique décor, and theme. These buildings were constructed between 1892 and 1923. 

Bathhouse Row

Self-Guided Tours

It’s a beautiful brick pathway where visitors can stroll to see the thermal springs outside. The trail is about half a mile (each way). On top of the hill, you’ll see overlooking views of Bathhouse Row, Central Avenue, and a few hot springs. 

The Grand Promenade

Outdoor Hot Springs

As mentioned, there are quite a few places to see the hot springs outdoors within the park, such as The Display Spring or Hot Water Cascade. But there are no places to soak outdoors. 

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Find out how to spend the perfect day in Hot Springs National Park!