If Aliens Invaded Earth: 5 Cinematic Aliens People Pray They Wouldn't Be

If aliens ever decided to invade Earth, it’s safe to say that people would be more than a little concerned. 

Hollywood has long been fascinated with the idea of extraterrestrial life and has created many alien creatures ranging from the friendly to the downright scary.  

5 Most Feared Cinematic Alien Species 

The Xenomorphs are a species of aggressive, parasitic, and highly adaptable creatures known for their intelligence, physical strength, and terrifying appearance.  

1. Xenomorphs (Alien 1979)

2. The Thing (The Thing 1982)

The Thing is a shape-shifting alien species capable of taking on the form of any living being it comes into contact with.  

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Kryptonians are a humanoid alien species with superhuman abilities such as flight, super-strength, and laser vision. 

3. Kryptonians (Superman 1978)

4. The Borg (Star Trek: First Contact 1996)

The Borg is a collective of cybernetically enhanced humanoid aliens who seek to assimilate all other species into their collective consciousness. 

Mimics are a species of intelligent, telepathic aliens that have invaded Earth to exterminate humanity.  

5. Mimics (Edge of Tomorrow 2014)

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