If Bigfoot Is Real, Why Hasn’t He Been Found? 10 Top Insights

Do you believe in Bigfoot? The legendary creature has been a topic of fascination and debate for decades.

Some swear they’ve seen it, while others dismiss it as a hoax. But if Bigfoot is real, why hasn’t one been found yet? Here are ten insights from people online who have pondered this question. 

10 Top Insights about Bigfoot

Several Redditors suggested the creature can teleport or slip in and out of our reality. If this is the case, it’s no wonder we have yet to catch him – he might just be playing hide-and-seek with us across multiple dimensions. 

1. Interdimensional Traveler

2. Hidden With Advanced Alien Technology

A far-fetched theory put forth by one person suggests that Bigfoot may not be of this world at all. 

Self-Guided Tours

The user suggests Bigfoot could be a survivor from a dying alien planet, brought to Earth by extraterrestrial beings to ensure their species’ survival.  

3. Good at Evading Humans

One person suggested Bigfoot may be an intelligent creature that evolved to avoid human beings actively. Unlike other animals, Bigfoot has learned to move into the most remote areas to avoid us and knows how to “vanish” despite its large size. 

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