Jackson Riviera Kayak Review: Specs, Features, and More!

If you’re in the market for a new sit-on-top kayak perfect for small lakes and slow rivers, the Jackson Riviera kayak is an excellent boat. This article breaks down the specs, features, and why we love our boats.  

We also share more about the paddles we use and how we transport the kayaks on weekend road trips. 

Intro to the Jackson Riviera Kayak

The Jackson Riviera kayak is an excellent boat for people that want to get out on the water over the weekends without having to buy much gear or spend tons of money on a boat and additional equipment. The Riviera was designed to keep paddling simple, easy, and fun! 

Jackson Riviera Specs

Size: 11’4” Width: 29” Weight: 58 lb Capacity: 300 lb Colors: Colors vary by year made.

Self-Guided Tours

Sit-on-Top: Boaters sit on top instead of inside the boat. This feature is excellent for beginners and people not paddling technical water. Getting into the water and on your boat is easy. 

Jackson Riviera Features

Designed for being a minimalistic kayak, there are handles in the front and back of the boat. These handles are great for moving the boat with two people – one person in the front and one in the back.  

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