Jackson Riviera Kayak: Specs, Features, and Why We Love Ours 

The Jackson Riviera kayak is an excellent boat for people that want to get out on the water over the weekends without having to buy much gear or spend tons of money on a boat and additional equipment. 

The Riviera was designed to keep paddling simple, easy, and fun!     

Intro to the Jackson Riviera Kayak

If kayaking class I or class II rapids, there are no scupper holes, so you will have to either bring a bilge pump or find the shore and flip the boat over to get the water out. 


You might also get water inside the boat if kayaking on windy days at the lake. We sit on towels and don’t notice much water. But we only kayak in fair weather conditions! 

Self-Guided Tours

The Riviera is stable and has reasonable tracking for its intended design and use. We wouldn’t recommend taking the Riviera on large bodies of water or ocean kayaking far off the coast. 

Is Jackson a Good Kayak Brand?

Jackson is a leading brand when it comes to kayaks. We have used their boats for a long time, and they always perform well. 

We thought the boats performed so well on the float trip that we decided to get some for our weekend road trips once we got home.  

Our Experience

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