KÜHL Hiking Pants Honest Review & Buying Guide for Men & Women

If you are curious about KÜHL hiking pants for men and women, but haven’t tried them, you should! We are a husband-and-wife team who are crazy about hiking!  

For our readers and fellow outdoor enthusiasts, we wanted to provide a KÜHL hiking pants review if you’re in the market for new pants – for both men and women.  

Are KÜHL Pants Good for Hiking?

As we were saying above, we recently tried the men’s REBEL™ KLASSIK FIT and women’s FREEFLEX™ MOVE, which was a great decision because they did not disappoint. In this article, we will provide our honest review and buying guide for purchasing KÜHL hiking pants

Are KÜHL Hiking Pants Worth the Cost?

Yes, pants from KÜHL are worth the price. Reasons that justify the cost personally for us, first and foremost, are product performance. 

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Buying high-quality gear is essential to us, and these days, you pay for quality. So overall, yes, we think KÜHL pants are worth the price. 

Is KÜHL an Ethical Company to Buy From?

Ethically speaking, their website says they pay 100% of the health insurance premiums for employees and provide lunch to their staff. We love hearing about companies that take care of their employees.  

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In addition, the brand is privately and independently owned, meaning they focus on their customers (and not Wall Street stock prices). 

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