Mexico Travel Guide: 16 Tips for a Hassle-free Trip

From sunny Caribbean shores in the Sea of Cortez to quaint mountain villages in Oaxaca, Mexico offers destinations for nearly every interest. There are some tips you should know before solidifying your Mexico travel plans, though. 

Read on for advice on visas, safety, and money. You’ll also gain insight into preventing embarrassing tourist moments, like walking into the wrong bathroom. 

16 Tips for Your Mexico Travel

Immigration officers may ask how many days you’ll stay in Mexico, and they might want to see travel documents, like a flight or bus departure ticket, as proof. 

1. Know How Many Days You’ll Stay

2. Keep Tabs on the DOS Travel Advisory

Although Mexico is generally a safe place to travel, drug cartels are the reason for tens of thousands of senseless deaths in the country each year. 

Self-Guided Tours

The U.S. Department of State’s (DOS) travel advisory site is an excellent resource for understanding destination-specific safety statuses. 

3. Don’t Overlook Buses in Mexico

There are many times when it’ll make more sense to fly rather than drive between destinations. Taking a bus saves money, and Mexico often surprises tourists with the quality of its luxury long-distance buses.

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