Nature’s Playground: America’s 3 Best Camping Spots

There are plenty of amazing places in America to go camping. So many that even avid campers might not know them all.  

A popular outdoorsy internet forum weighs in on the 3 best camping spots in America for adventure seekers. 

America’s 3 Best Camping Spots for Adventure Seeker

The Adirondack Park is best known for its expansive pristine forests, lakes, rivers, and outdoor recreation opportunities. Unlike a national park, the Adirondack Park has no entrance or entry fee. 

1. The Adirondacks

2. Catskill Mountains

The Catskill Mountains lie in southeastern New York State. This area is known for its rich wildlife and hiking and biking trails. 

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It also offers opportunities for rock climbing and abundant lakes, ponds, creeks, and streams for those with water adventures in mind. 

3. Boundary Waters Canoe Area

On the border of Minnesota and Canada sits the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. One commenter says this campground is “absolutely the most beautiful park I have ever been to.” 

A major positive is that no motorized vehicles are allowed, so the park is as it was one thousand years ago.  They add, “The water is so clean you can drink straight from the stream.” 

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