Ocean Kayaking Adventures: A Guide for New Kayakers 

With thousands of miles of open waters to explore, jumping straight into ocean kayaking can be tempting. Plus, how hard can it be, right? 

Ocean kayaking is more physically demanding than flat water kayaking. Plus, you need the right gear to follow safety protocols and re-learn kayaking basics. 

What You’ll Need for Ocean Paddling

Ocean kayaks are typically between 28″ to 34.5″ wide. The wider width allows better stability in the water and room for you to sit in or sit on the kayak comfortably.  


Sit-on vs. Sit-in

A sit-on-top kayak like the Malibu Two ocean kayak has an open cockpit. As its name implies, you will sit on top of the vessel, providing a better view as you sit above the water level.  

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On the other hand, a sit-inside kayak is the opposite. Instead of sitting on the kayak, you sit inside the enclosed cockpit. Sit-in kayaks also position you below the water surface rather than above. 

Kayak Paddle

You need a suitable paddle for your sea kayaking experience to be seamless. Unlike paddles for canoes, the ones used in kayaks have blades on both ends and a middle grip. 

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Before getting a kayaking paddle, you should consider:  – Material – Price – Weight and length – Shaft and blade

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