The Peaceful Side of The Smokies: 10 Things To Do in Townsend, TN 

If you plan on visiting anytime soon, put Townsend, Tennessee, on your radar. It’s an amazing gateway town bordering the park. 

Townsend is quiet but trendy, it has a food scene that is out of this world, and there are tons of outdoor activities for those who love adventure travel.  

Best Things to Do in Townsend, TN

Speaking of Tremont, nestled inside the park, is an educational institute dedicated to helping others learn more about the great outdoors.  

Be Curious at Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont

Go Mountain Biking at Vee Hollow

For mountain bike enthusiasts, located off the parkway (Highway 321) behind Company Distilling, Vee Hollow boasts 14 miles of epic mountain biking trails. 

Self-Guided Tours

The trails are free to use and open to  the public. But, if you didn’t bring your mountain bikes while visiting  for the weekend, no worries – you can rent bikes at the bike shop. 

Experience Iconic Whiskey Tasting

Tennessee is famous for its whiskey scene. Whether you love whiskey or have never had much of it, Company Distilling is the place to go, especially after mountain biking or hiking all day.  

Self-Guided Tours

All this to say, be sure to sample one of their eight spirits and grab a bottle to take home. You can even tour the distillery! 

Discover more of the best things to do in Townsend, TN!

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