Petit Jean State Park: The Perfect Getaway for Nature Lovers 

Arkansas has some of the best state parks in the US! One of them, Petit Jean State Park, is on Petit Jean Mountain.  Petit Jean State Park was one of Arkansas’s first state parks.

The amazing views and quiet serenity of nature can be even more enjoyable while spending a night or two under the stars. If you like to hike, camp, and enjoy beautiful mountain views, this state park is perfect for you!  

Petit Jean Trails Not to Miss

Difficulty: Easy Distance: ¼ mile – gravel trail Time to hike: ½ hour to an hour (if taking pictures and looking for pictographs).

Rock House Cave

The Rock House Cave is a hidden gem in Arkansas. 

Self-Guided Tours

The cave itself isn’t a true cave. Instead, it is a huge bluff shelter

Seven Hollows Trail

Difficulty: Moderately difficult Distance: 4 ½ miles – trail loop Time to hike: Roughly 3-4 hour

Add hiking the Seven Hollows Trail to a breathtaking natural geologic bridge to your Arkansas bucket list! 

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