Hit the Open Road With Ease: Rent Your Dream RV and Get a Free Park Pass With RVshare

You don’t need to rent a pretend family like in the film We’re the Millers to have your own epic RV adventure this summer. Thanks to RVshare, the largest online community for RV renters and owners, you have the chance to explore national and state parks across the US with their “Explore America’s Parks Promotion.” 

As the weather warms up, RVshare is offering vacationers the opportunity to explore state and national parks across the US at a discount. This new program gives upwards of $500,000 in state and national park passes to eligible customers. 

Why Travel by RV Rental?

According to a recent study by the RV Industry Association, “more and more people are choosing RVs as their preferred option for travel as they prioritize spending time in the great outdoors and embracing the freedom that comes with RVing.” 

No more paying expensive pet boarding fees or having to jump through hoops to find a hotel that accepts pets. Many RVs on RVshare are pet-friendly, meaning vacationers can bring their furry companions on their excursions. 

Pet-Friendly Booking

Self-Guided Tours

Today, with more than 60,000 RV owners and an expansive inventory, RVshare is the premier option for travelers wanting to experience RVing before making such a large purchase. 

Travel for Less

The RVshare Story

RVshare, the largest online community for RV renters and owners, is celebrating a decade of success in 2023. The company traces its origins to a honeymoon trip taken by co-founder Mark and his wife, Rachel. 

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