Not Sure What to Wear Snowboarding? Here’s a Complete Guide From an Expert


The mountain can be challenging to figure out clothing needs, more so than a summer vacation at the beach. However, adequate clothing is essential if you expect a pleasant experience on the snow.  

This article details how to dress and what to wear snowboarding or skiing, along with gear recommendations. I taught snowboarding and skiing in Colorado and Patagonia for over ten years, and I’m sharing everything you need to know so you can have fun and not be cold. 

Exactly What to Wear Snowboarding or Skiing

Base layers for the legs and upper body are essential. They wick moisture your body produces as you sweat from actively moving. Base layers allow you to stay dry and comfortable. 

First Layer –  Base Layer

For temperatures under thirty-five degrees Fahrenheit, it is essential to have a second layer. For example, wearing a thicker fleece top is a good option as it provides more warmth and insulation. 

Second Layer – Middle Layer

Third Layer

If you tend to run hot, you can wear an insulated down sweater or jacket under your snowboard or ski jacket and not wear a second layer. A second and third layer can be added for people that run cold. My wife likes a third layer. 

A good waterproof, windproof, breathable jacket is vital. We recommend different jackets depending on the temperatures you will be exposed to in the snow. 

Ski and Snowboard Jackets

Always wear pants that are made for snowboarding or skiing. Pants should be waterproof or water-resistant and insulated to varying degrees. Ski and snowboard pants come in various thicknesses depending on the warmth level (thicker is warmer). 

Ski and Snowboard Pants

Find out more on how to dress and what to wear snowboarding or skiing!

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