Solo Woman Traveling: 12 Countries You Should AVOID

Traveling the world is one of life’s biggest joys, but for women  embarking on solo journeys, trips to new countries can be stressful and  sometimes dangerous.  

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Recently, women met in an online discussion to reveal the countries any  solo female traveler should avoid due to a higher likelihood of  encountering dangerous situations. 

Countries You Should AVOID as a Solo Woman Traveling

Like many Middle Eastern countries, Turkey is behind the times regarding  women’s rights. In fact, Turkish men are known to invade foreign  travelers’ personal space – making visits to Turkey full of  uncomfortable interactions for any female solo traveler. 

1. Turkey

Women should avoid Morocco, especially if they lack experience  navigating through extremely oppressive cultures. “I did Morocco on my own as a woman,” reveals one lady.

2. Morocco

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“It’s exhausting fending off financial scams and harassment all day  long. But probably some of the best shopping, food, and architecture  I’ve ever seen. You can do it if you are a savvy traveler with lots of  foreign country experience, but it was not a relaxing travel experience  for me.” 

3. Guatemala

Crime against women is rising in certain Central American nations, especially in Guatemala. Despite the region’s breathtaking beauty, it is  home to a record-high number of assaults against foreign female  travelers. 

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Despite being a tourist destination for many Americans and Canadians,  Jamaica is behind the times regarding equal rights. 

4. Jamaica

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