Tent Camping for Beginners: Everything to Know

Tent camping is an excellent way to get outdoors and enjoy nature. It is one of the main reasons why people go camping. 

All you have to do is pack your gear, throw everything in the car, and go! Keep reading to learn more about the basics of tent camping for beginners. 

Basic Tent Camping Gear Essentials

Tent with a rain fly Tent footprint or tarp for underneath the tent Sleeping bag

As a beginner camper, having these gear essentials while preparing for your first camping trip is important:

Sleeping pad or inflatable mattress. Never sleep on the ground without padding because the ground can drain your energy. Camp pillow Headlamp or solar camp light

Self-Guided Tours

Before purchasing your tent, think about the type of camping you plan to do and with how many people.

Tent Camping Guide

For example, if you plan on backpacking somewhere, you will want to look for gear made for backpacking that weighs less, so it is easier to carry and compress. If you plan on tent camping from your car, you do not have to worry about your gear’s weight as much.

Always go a tad bigger on the tent size. My husband and I have a two person tent, but it is not very comfortable for us to squeeze into together unless we are backpacking.  

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Find out more about the the basics of tent camping for beginners!