The 10 Cities with “The Best Mexican Food” in the U.S.

Who doesn’t love Mexican food?! Over hear, we live for tacos. According to a recent online discussion, here are what people think are the best U.S. cities for Mexican cuisine — in no particular order. 

Cities That Hold the Title for “Best Mexican Food” in the U.S.

“Los Angeles, and it’s not even close,” argues an Angelino. “It’s not an extension of the border town: it’s a bonafide Mexican metropolis, the largest Mexican city outside of Mexico.” 

1. Los Angeles, CA

With a hint of swagger, New Mexico’s largest city speaks next; they have the food’s name in their state, after all. “I (will) take Albuquerque’s New Mexican food over San Diego’s Mexican food any day.” 

2. Albuquerque, NM

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“We have awesome Mexican food here,” says a proud San Diegan, “In San Diego, it seems to be consistently good.” With its proximity to the Mexican border, there is no surprise northern Mexican cuisine is in high supply. 

3. San Diego, CA

4. El Paso, TX

“San Diego is the best for Baja-Mexican Food,” agrees an admirably diplomatic Texan. “El Paso is the best for Chihuahua-style Mexican food, especially with the green chili El Paso puts in their Mexican dishes.” 

5. Las Cruces, NM

“If you Google the top-ten restaurants in Las Cruces,” suggests an ex-resident of the border city,” I’m pretty certain that at least eight out of ten will still be great Mexican food restaurants!” 

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Arizona joins the thread with a proud Phoenix resident who believes “anywhere in AZ is killer.” They continue with a recommendation. “My favorite Mexican restaurant, though, is Rosita’s Place in Phoenix.” 

6. Phoenix, AZ

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