Top 12 Best Travel Hacks from Traveling Pros

Are you searching for the best travel hacks to make your adventures run smoothly? Then, we got you covered. 

After someone pulled a popular online travel forum, these are the top-voted tips from traveling pros. 

12 Best Travel Hacks 

Several people online chimed in on this hack as one of the best things they’d ever done for their post-travel self. The idea behind this hack is that travelers often return home late in the evening, and coming home to a messy living space can be stressful. 

Clean the House Before You Travel

One shared, “Make a simple meal and freeze it. After all the eating out, some homemade soup, or whatever you find comfort in, is great to heat up and enjoy.” 

Meal Prep Before Travel

Self-Guided Tours

One would think in 2023, the airlines would have a better grasp on technology. Sadly, lost luggage is still a thing, and the best way to avoid having your luggage lost or misplaced is by keeping it with you. 

Travel with Only a Carry-On

Bring Ear Buds or Noise-Canceling Headphone

Everyone agreed that at some point during your travels, you’ll want a little quiet. Whether that time comes on a plane or in a hotel room, it never hurts to keep noise-canceling headphones on hand. 

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