Top Things to Do in Zion: 2-Day Adventure Guide

This guide is structured to provide super fun outdoor things to do in Zion National Park and includes the best day hikes, where to stay or camp, and guidance on the best time of year to visit.

We have visited Zion National Park many times living out west, and we are sharing all the best hikes and things to do with you to plan an awesome adventure!

Best Things to Do in Zion: A 2-Day Adventure Guide

This iconic hike is sure to bring out the explorer in you. It is a great way to have an excellent adventure, as well as see Zion.

Angels Landing Hike

Hike the Lower Section of the Narrows via Riverside Walk

We recommend hiking the Narrows via Riverside Walk in the summer or early fall when it is still warm.

Self-Guided Tours

Since you are walking and wading upstream, it is fun to check out for a while, maybe a quarter mile or so, but not something we recommend really spending all day going that far upstream.

Explore the Visitor Center

After hiking all day, head back to the visitor center and mosey around. There is quite a bit to see.

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Find out the best things to do in Zion for a 2-day adventure!