Top Things to See While Visiting Capitol Reef National Park

Are you planning on visiting Capitol Reef National Park? Capitol Reef is an extraordinary park in southeast Utah.  

We’re sharing the best things to do when you’re passing through! Keep reading to find inspiration for all the wonderful things you’ll want to see. 

Things to Do

While you’re near the visitor center, stop and walk over to see the petroglyphs. You will see a roadside attraction sign. 

View the Petroglyphs

Check out the Fruita District, orchards, and history. The trees even have fruit in the summer! 

Explore Fruita

Self-Guided Tours

Capitol Reef has 15-day hikes to explore.  There are also epic backpacking routes in the backcountry. 

Go Hiking

Do the Scenic Drive

There are three main areas to drive throughout the park: 1. The Scenic Drive South of Fruita, drive the paved 21-mile scenic drive (there and back). 

2. Notam-Bullfrog Road On the east side of the park, head south onto Notam-Bullfrog Road. The road is well marked so you can’t miss it. 

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Get more inspiration for all the wonderful things you’ll want to see at Capitol Reef National Park!