Adventure Travel Photography Gear We Use To Take Stunning Photos

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If you’re like us, a lot of the time, you are exploring incredible surroundings that you’d like to capture so you can hold onto the memory for years to come. Places and memories can be difficult to describe through words, so that’s why we take photos of them instead. 

We hope this article helps you level up your skills. Continue reading to see what equipment we use.

Essential Photography Items We Like For Adventure Travel

There are so many options when it comes to camera cases. Because we have a lot of hiking bags we already love, we elected not to reinvent the wheel with a new bag.

Camera Case

The SanDisk 128 GB Extreme Pro Memory Card is temperature proof, waterproof, and shock perfect.  Perfect for outdoor travel photography. 

SD Cards


We have a basic cleaning kit. We purchased the Altura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit on Amazon, and it saves us almost every trip. 

Camera Cleaning Kit

The lens filter helps you shoot during the day. It reduces internal lens flare and reflections. It also helps improve color saturation. We purchased this filter because it is recommended for outdoor landscape photography. 

Lens Filter

Yes, we use our smartphones for lots of social media posts and short videos. Why not! These days, Apple is making some impressive phones. We are currently using the iPhone 13 Pro (I know, we could upgrade, but we don’t need to).

Why We Use A Smartphone For Adventure Photography

Find more camera gear to compliment your adventure travel photography!

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