Traveling on a Budget: 10 European Countries That Are Perfect for Americans 

Spending an extended vacation in Europe is many Americans’ idea of a perfect adventure. However, not all European countries are created equally — especially when accommodating people who want to visit while on a budget!  

Recently, like-minded travelers met in an online discussion to reveal which European countries cater to the budget-conscious American visitor. 

European Countries That Are Perfect for Americans Traveling on a Budget

If you want to travel on a budget, Italy is the place to visit — as long as you stay away from the major cities. Instead of spending time in Rome or Naples, consider Sicily. There are plenty of sleepy, under-the-radar villages where you can stretch a dollar a long way.  

1. Italy

2. Romania

Countless people rave about Romania’s low cost of living, making it an ideal country for any frugal traveler to visit.

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“Romania wins hands down!” confesses one woman. “It’s cheap, clean, and folks are so friendly. Not to mention they have the best croissants and lattes!” 

3. Croatia

Croatia is a haven for anyone looking to save a dollar or two while on a European adventure, from the beaches to the food scene to arguably the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. 

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To maximize your frugality, avoid touristy cities like Dubrovnik and stick to smaller towns where you can stretch your dollar. I’ve been to Croatia and would visit again in a heartbeat. 

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