12 Best Places to Kayak in Oklahoma

Oklahoma may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of great places to kayak, but believe it or not, the Sooner State has some amazing paddling destinations.  

Whether you’re looking for lazy rivers, exciting whitewater rapids, or peaceful lakes, Oklahoma has something for everyone. Here are some of the best places to kayak in Oklahoma (written by locals). 

Best Places to Paddle in Oklahoma

Paddling the Illinois River near Tahlequah is a fun adventure! The river has various interesting features that make for an enjoyable float trip.  

1. The Illinois River

2. The Mountain Fork River

Kayaking the lower section of the Mountain Fork River is an exciting river adventure in southeast Oklahoma. Depending on the time of year visiting and the water levels being released from Broken Bow Lake, the section of river below the dam has Class I and II rapids.  

Self-Guided Tours

Did you know the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Site for paddling is in Oklahoma City? And guess what? You can enjoy the whitewater rafting and whitewater kayaking facility too! 

3. Boathouse District in OKC

4. Lake Skiatook

Located less than a half hour from downtown Tulsa, Lake Skiatook is a fantastic place to paddle on the weekends or after work. The lake is excellent for touring. It does get windy, so try to paddle earlier in the day. 

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Find out the best places to kayak in Oklahoma (by locals)!