What to Do in Sedona on a Budget!

Sedona is a popular vacation destination in the Southwest United States. Known for its red rock desert Arizona landscapes, Sedona is one the best places to plan adventure travel.  

On top of the area’s vibrant beauty, it is popular due to its world-class outdoor recreation and new age atmosphere attracting spiritual junkies. We’ll share all the details with you on what to do in Sedona for an epic desert vacation on a budget! 

Top Things to Do in Sedona on a Budget

One of the top outdoor activities to do in Sedona is go hiking! Jaw-dropping high desert trails are abundant in the immediate area and Coconino National Forest. Plus, hiking is free! 

Go Hiking Around Sedona

The vortexes are supposed to be powerful healing energy sources from the earth. The vortexes help with self-exploration, healing, and meditation; hence, why so many spirit junkies are attracted to Sedona. 

Check Out the Sedona Energy Vortexes

Self-Guided Tours

The main Sedona Vortexes are located at Cathedral Rock, Airport Mesa, and Bell Rock. Be sure to add these natural rock formations to your list of places to visit in Sedona, AZ! 

Do Yoga or Meditate at a Vortex

While hiking, pause to soak in the earth’s energy. Maybe sit and meditate or do your best downward dog in nature! Yoga at a vortex in nature is a fun thing to do in Sedona.  

Self-Guided Tours

Take time to explore main street and the Sedona city center on your trip. There are places to shop, eat, grab a coffee, and many other cool new age, boho-type shops full of really cool crystals, clothes, and books. 

Stroll Main Street and Downtown Sedona

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