What To Wear Hiking All Year Long (For Everyone)

To stay safe and comfortable while hiking, there are a few key things to consider when choosing hiking clothing. Depending on the time of year, climate, and the elevation, hikers need to adjust clothing choices accordingly. 

We live for hiking and want to share our best advice on hiking gear and what to wear. Continue reading to find out exactly what to wear hiking all year long with recommendations to suit everyone. 

What to Wear Hiking

Hiking with a fleece layer is a great mid-layer or outer layer option. Pablo and I usually wear fleece in the spring, fall and winter.

Fleece Jacket or Sweater

A super light windbreaker will go a long way in keeping you warm. Get one you can layer over or under another jacket. 


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Consider ethically sourced down jackets. Check out The North Face and Patagonia.

Insulated Jacket

If you plan to hike in the rain, be sure to get a good rain jacket. Patagonia, The North Face, and Helly Hanson make awesome rain jackets (in our opinion). 

Rain Jacket

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Also, consider the size you purchase for layering. You’ll want this to be your outermost layer to protect you from wind and rain. Make sure the jacket is not too tight. 

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