What to Wear Hiking: Perfect Spring Hiking Outfit Ideas for Women

Spring is one of the best times to get out in nature and explore. The trees are budding, and spring flowers are blossoming. The crisp air in the morning, along with a later sunrise, allows for the welcoming of perfect hiking conditions and cozy layers. 

Here is a guide on spring hiking outfit ideas for women to keep you warm and dry as you enjoy the magic of spring this year. 

Hiking Layers

First Layer

It’s so important to wear layers when hiking. It’s best to be over prepared then underprepared so you don’t end up cold. Always start with a breathable and sweat-wicking base layer or first layer. 

Self-Guided Tours

Middle Layer

There are a few options for middle layers, depending on the temperature. A light windbreaker is an excellent mid-layer because it keeps you warm and stops the wind from getting to your skin.  

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