12 Honest Insights: What Is Bigfoot, Really?

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The iconic cryptid Bigfoot may not be who you think it is. This enigmatic, hairy beast that dwells in dense woodlands continues to evade capture, preventing researchers from determining what Bigfoot is or if it exists. One Bigfoot believer took to a popular online forum to ask others what they believe Bigfoot truly is. From aliens to primates, here is what people think.

1. Relic Hominins

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A relic hominin is an ancient human ancestor that continues living on Earth today. While their existence is not scientifically proven, some claim relic hominins still walk the Earth in many areas of the world. People believe Bigfoot may be a humanoid primate because of evidence from recordings of Bigfoot’s vocalizations. They sound less like ape grunts and more like language.

2. Aliens

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“At this point, it seems unlikely that they are an undiscovered primate species,” argues one person. They believe Bigfoot’s lack of physical evidence suggests they’re not a primate but an extraterrestrial.

“The number of cases involving orbs, the paranormal, and UFO sightings that coincide with Sasquatch makes you wonder.”

3. Something Paranormal

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Others believe Bigfoot can’t be a primate because of the lack of evidence, but instead of thinking Bigfoot are aliens, they feel something paranormal is happening. One respondent is unsure whether Bigfoot is an illusion, a spirit, or something else.

4. Something Humans Can’t Understand

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No matter how hard humans try to understand the truth about life and the universe, we may never know everything. One contributor thinks this applies to Bigfoot too. “I don’t know. I think they’re an aspect of our reality that we don’t understand,” they share.

5. Primates

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Despite the lack of physical evidence, many believe Bigfoot is a highly evolved primate. Something “smart enough to consciously avoid human contact, but not intelligent enough to be a dominant species,” one commenter argues.

6. Something That Looks Like a Primate

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Others yet believe Bigfoot may be a primate, but another feasible explanation is that Bigfoot is an example of convergent evolution. That means Bigfoot doesn’t share ancestry with apes but developed traits that make it superficially appear to be an ape.

7. Feral Humans

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Some dismiss the primate theory and claim Bigfoot is too intelligent to be anything but human. Bigfoot’s ability to hide from man’s curiosity for centuries could be explained by saying Bigfoot is a feral human. It’s reasonable to think that people who catch a glimpse of a feral man living in the woods may believe it’s a completely different beast entirely.

8. Interdimensional Travelers

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How come no one has captured a clear photo of Bigfoot? Some believe it’s because Bigfoot is an interdimensional traveler who can teleport from one place to another in a microsecond. Anything with the power to disappear at will and transport itself from one universe to another would be tough to track down.

9. The Missing Link

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Some think Bigfoot is not just a primate but the missing link in evolution that splits the difference between humans and apes. That could explain Bigfoot’s supposed appearance and clever ability to hide from humans.

10. Forest Spirits

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People have yet to locate Bigfoot scat on a forest path, leading some to believe the mysterious creature isn’t a physical being but a spirit roaming through the forest. No wonder no one manages to snap a pic of Bigfoot if it’s a forest spirit.

11. An Enigma

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One commenter insists the lack of evidence to support Bigfoot as its own species is because the creature “transcends the confines of physicality and emerges as a manifestation of an archetypal figure.” In short, Bigfoot exists in the collective imagination of humanity. It’s a “truth that surpasses the boundaries of this earthly realm,” they assert.

12. A Close Relative to Homo Sapiens


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Others remain firm in their belief that Bigfoot is a primate closely related to humans in evolutionary history that branched off not too long ago. They say Bigfoot “descended from the same ‘ape’ but evolved differently. The wilderness is their home, and they will never understand joining society.”

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