10 Safest Places To Hide in Canada if There’s Ever a Zombie Apocalypse

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The most important piece of advice I hear whenever I enter discussions about a potential zombie apocalypse is that you should find a location as remote as possible. Recently, someone asked a Canadian online Reddit forum, “What’s the safest place in Canada if there’s a zombie apocalypse?” Well, Canadians came to the thread with their responses ready!

1. Oromocto, New Brunswick

The top-rated answer was Oromocto, a small town in New Brunswick. One user who lives in Oromocto suggested his city because of its massive military base “that staffs ~3500 people in a town of 8,000.”

On top of that, Oromocto is home to a distribution center for Sobeys, the second-largest grocery store chain in Canada. That means you’d have access to hoards of non-perishables to stock up on when the apocalypse hits. That is, until everyone else gets to it.

It doesn’t hurt that this town sits upon the Saint John River, which could be used for transportation and to generate power.

2. Prince Edward Island

This Canadian province is an isolated island connected to the mainland only by one bridge. One user suggested Prince Edward Island as an excellent option for a zombie apocalypse because all you’d have to do is blow up the bridge before the zombies arrive. That is unless they figure out how to drive a ferry.

3. The Magdalen Islands, Quebec

The beautiful Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine, known in English as the Magdalen Islands, is a part of Quebec even though they’re geographically closer to Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.

Reddit users suggested the Magdalen Islands because it would be tricky to navigate there as a zombie. There’s no bridge, so the ferry is the only way to get there.

“As long as you secure the lone port, you could never see an infection.” Unless… it is airborne.

4. North West Ontario

Many commenters suggested North West Ontario because of its low population density. But that’s not all. There are many different kinds of terrain to use as protection, plus there are a limited number of roadways in and out of the area. On top of that, there’s ample wildlife for fishing and hunting.

5. Manitoulin Island, Ontario

You can only access this remote island on Lake Huron by taking a single road with a drawbridge, so if the zombies come out to hunt, all you have to do is open the drawbridge to keep them out.

As the largest freshwater island in the world, this remote place has plenty of forests to hunt in and the surrounding lake to fish.

6. Bowen Island, British Columbia

Another island getaway to add to your zombie apocalypse destination list is Bowen Island, located in British Colombia. Users called this island “easily defensible” due to its terrain and isolation from the mainland in Howe Sound.

7. Hornby Island, British Columbia

The only way to get to Hornby Island is by ferry from another nearby island, Denman Island, which means zombies would have a tough time finding you here.

There’s a tiny population on the island, with only a little over a thousand residents who call it home. Plus, you have access to the ocean for fish year-round.

8. Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Cape Breton in Nova Scotia was another island recommended as a zombie-apocalypse escape because it only has one bridge. When that’s destroyed, the zombies can’t pursue you anymore.

One user even suggested hiding out at the 18th-century French Fortress at the National Park on Cape Breton Island for even more protection.

9. Brier Island, Nova Scotia

You must take not one but two ferries to access Brier Island in Nova Scotia. So zombies would have to learn to swim or drive a boat if they wanted to get you out here.

10. Old Quebec, Quebec

One Redditor suggested Old Quebec in Quebec City because it’s already built with walls and military protection. Furthermore, the Saint Lawrence river is nearby, so you can easily find fish to sustain yourself. The vast amounts of snow each winter will deter the zombies even more.

The Walking Dead (Might Be) Coming…

Have you considered where you would go if the undead rose from their graves and came after us? If not, maybe now is the time to start planning your escape route. And who knows, maybe one of these safe havens will come in handy someday… when zombies are chasing us. I mean, we all saw The Walking Dead.

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