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The Happiness Function is a blog inspiring happiness through travel and outdoor adventures in the U.S. We have a wanderlust for traveling, exploring, and being outside.We want to share these experiences with you to cultivate happiness in your life.

Are you seeking new outdoor adventures and places in the U.S. to explore? Our website is full of spectacular opportunities for recreating outdoors.

This blog talks about traveling, exploring, sharing the good life, and inspiring others to be courageous, wild, and free.

Let Us Help You Find Outdoor Adventures

We hope to inspire you to find epic places to get outside and experience nature including U.S. road trips, camping spots, national park bucket lists, as well as local secrets and guides to places we have lived.

Outdoor Adventures Await

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Camping Tips and Hacks

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Urban Outdoors

Have you ever heard of urban outdoors? Maybe not, I might have made that phrase up. You probably do it all the time though…

If you live in a city there are most likely dedicated public green spaces, trails, places to bird watch, and parks right in your backyard.

In fact, many cities in the U.S., as well as around the world, are incorporating sustainable urban development to make communities more healthy and encourage people to get outside.

We’ll show you ideas on how to get outside for outdoor adventures even if you live in a city.

Experience is a Gift

Experience is the best gift you can give yourself along with fresh air and sunshine.

Environmental Stewardship

A big part of our mission is not only inspiring happiness through travel and outdoor recreation in the U.S., but recreating responsibly and being stewards of the environment.

Check out our page on environmental stewardship for outdoor travel and recreation.

Are You Ready?

Joy and happiness are contagious. Having fun experiences and living in inspiration makes the world a better place.

We hope our blog inspires you.

Love & Light,

Ashlee, Pablo & Sunny (the Chihuahua)

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