Here Are 12 Cities People Voted as the “Snobbiest” in America

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America comprises of small towns, medium-sized cities, and huge metropolitan regions. Some places are known for being warm and welcoming. In contrast, other sites have well-earned reputations for being incredibly “stuck up.” When users from an Americana-themed discussion forum were asked to name the most pretentious areas in the country, they were more than happy to offer their opinions.

1. Montecito, California

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The average price for a home in Montecito is millions of dollars. It’s no wonder many celebrities and notable people reside in this wealthy coastal town.

2. Rancho Palos Verdes, California

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A very wealthy suburb of Los Angeles with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, the name translates into “green sticks ranch.” Million-dollar properties are the norm in this town not far from Catalina Island. Even the surfing culture is exclusive.

3. Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

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The Georgetown section of the nation’s capital is renowned for its historic architecture and prestigious university. It’s also an integral part of the government and private sector culture in D.C. It’s a beautiful place to visit.

4. Scottsdale, Arizona

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One member of the forum pejoratively refers to the city as “Snottsdale.” Those aren’t sentiments you’ll see on a postcard. However, it is worthy of a luxurious-themed vacation.

5. Edina, Minnesota

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A suburb of Minneapolis, Edina is considered one of the higher-income cities within the Twin Cities region. Over the years, Edina has gained a reputation for being condescending towards people outside the city. Its residents are called cake eaters, after the “Let them eat cake” quote attributed to Marie Antoinette.

6. Cobb County, Georgia

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Cobb County, Georgia, is the home to cities such as Marietta and Kennesaw. It’s also called “Snob County” by residents of neighboring counties, a user in the forum reports. It could have something to do with the county being the home to Major League Baseball’s Atlanta Braves and Major League Soccer’s Atlanta United teams.

7. Newport, Rhode Island

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One of the former sites of the America’s Cup sailing competition, Newport is steeped in American history. It’s where wealthy families like the Kennedys and Vanderbilts owned Gilded Age mansions like the Breakers.

8. North Shore, Chicago

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The North Shore of Chicago, Illinois, includes the suburban towns bordering Lake Michigan. The beaches and lakefront views make properties in the region highly sought after. Homes in the six and seven-figure range are typical for that region, and people are more than willing to pay those prices for the views.

9. Atherton, California

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Many high-income earners in the tech field live in Atherton, making it one of the country’s most expensive and exclusive zip codes. Its zoning regulations forbid the construction of sidewalks and only allow one single-family home to be built on an acre of land. Numerous contributors take a dim view of the city for its stance against building affordable housing and the lack of available housing that doesn’t cost seven figures.

10. The Philadelphia Main Line, Pennsylvania

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With the inclusion of communities such as Villanova, Malvern, and Bryn Mawr, Philadelphia’s Main Line distinguishes itself from other towns by geography and social class. It’s a suburb of Philadelphia and an old-money district with some new money mixed in — and the old money never lets the new money forget it.

11. Saratoga Springs, New York

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Saratoga Springs is another place where there’s a clash between the nouveau riche and the wealthy. In addition to horse racing, it’s also a gambling hub. The small city is famous for its mineral springs and horse races.

12. Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Ann Arbor is best known as the home of the University of Michigan. Yet a respondent has a scathing opinion of the city’s residents.

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