10 States You Just “Cannot Miss” When Road Tripping Across America

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With 50 states to choose from, the United States offers a wealth of options for travel plans and destinations, but picking one destination can be overwhelming. So, to ease your travel planning, here are ten marvelous states to visit, according to frequent travelers. Does your state make this list?

1. Maine

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I have a friend who lives in Maine and never stops talking about the picturesque scenery. She says each day she witnesses a new beauty, whether she sees a moose in her backyard, a new look at the beaches, or tries a new lobster roll. Maine is an underrated gem full of the best scenery the states have to offer. Kennebec River is a must-see destination.

2. Louisiana

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New Orleans, Louisiana, is a hotspot for tourists. As one of the most haunted and historically rich cities in the United States, you won’t run out of sights to see in this Southern town. Explore the haunted wonders of voodoo queen Marie Laveau’s house, step into St. Louis Cathedral, tour a cemetery filled with above-ground tombstones (bonus points if you spot Nicolas Cage’s grave), and embark on a mystical journey through a night ghost tour.

If you’re a horror fan, you can visit the filming location of the third season of American Horror Story: Coven while dining on a delicious beignet.

3. Alaska

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Due to its exclusivity, Alaska may be the best state to visit in the United States. Everything in the Northern state is expensive, so you want to factor that into travel expenses, but you can’t watch a live brown bear catch its dinner from a train window in any other state. However, Alaska offers fine-dining staples as well. Make sure you check out Alaskan King Crab and Fireweed ice cream while staying in the lush state.

4. New Mexico

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“Everyone forgets about New Mexico, but it truly is a hidden gem. The geography is beautiful and diverse, with great weather and incredible food unique to this state. I can’t believe more people don’t come here (but I selfishly want to keep it to myself),” a New Mexico fan writes.

5. California

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California is the third-largest state and the most populated state in the United States – and for good reason. California is home to redwood trees, several beautiful national parks, movie landmarks, the iconic Hollywood sign, the infamous Golden Gate Bridge, otherworldly mountains, and award-winning theme parks. Don’t get me started on the beaches and food.

6. Colorado

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Colorado is known for its mountains, and a bustling music scene; plus, everyone who lives or used to live in Colorado never misses the opportunity to praise the state. When in Colorado, trek up the Rocky Mountains and catch the sunset, or hop over to Red Rocks for a one-of-a-kind concert experience in the open-air theater.

7. Florida

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If you want to soak up the sun while swimming in the best, warmest beaches, you should look into heading to Florida.

I’m from Florida, and I will say the Gulf Coast is better than the East Coast regarding clean water and marine life (check out Crystal River and Caladesi Island), but if you want to indulge in the party scene, Miami is your spot. In addition to beaches, Florida offers wondrous museums and aquariums.

8. Hawaii

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One avid traveler says Maui and Oahu stole their heart thanks to the stunning beaches and mouthwatering cuisine. Try your hand at cliff-diving all over the state, hike near waterfalls, zipline through the jungle, and enjoy the volcanic scenery spread throughout the islands. There are so many cool things to do in Hawaii.

9. Massachusetts

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For history buffs, Boston is the place to visit. Historic downtown Boston houses many landmarks, including the Freedom Trail sites, a Benjamin Franklin Statue, a Holocaust Memorial, and the Boston Athenaeum, a library celebrating over 200 years of membership.

To take a closer look at the historical impact of Boston, head over to the Boston Tea Party Museum or the Boston Common. Make your final stop at Mike’s Pastry for some outstanding cannolis.

10. Utah

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Looking for a beautiful state full of dazzling rocks, canyons, and deserts? Utah is the place to go. Many travelers admire the state’s natural beauty with an endless expanse of hikes, sand dunes, clear skies, and unforgettable sunsets amidst the rocks and craters. Travelers often plan to road trip the five national parks in Utah.

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While “the Mighty Five” are the official national parks with the word “parks” in their title, we’ve also included a few national monuments and national recreation areas for you to take a peek at. These are also managed federally by the National Park Service. Many are quite close to Utah’s national parks, so they can be easy and fantastic additions to your itinerary.

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