More Than a Dip: 12 Most Dangerous Water Parks Around the World

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Water parks have provided good times for families for generations. The excitement of kids queuing, their screams as they throw themselves down a slide – it’s all a familiar picture. But nothing stops the fun like an accident waiting to happen.

Indeed, water parks come with all sorts of inherent dangers. Many around the world have seen serious incidents. When it comes to risky attractions, these 12 parks are especially notorious.

1. Aquaventure

Atlantis Resort

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This Bahamas waterpark has been featured in several movies. It is part of the iconic Atlantis Paradise Island. Even so, numerous incidents have been reported over the years, including the accidental death of a reef shark who managed to leap out of its tank and down a slide.

The most risky ride in the park is arguably The Leap of Faith. This daring 60-foot drop descends from the topic of the Mayan Temple. The near-vertical body slide sends riders down colossal speeds. However, one family of five also reported significant injuries to three members while in The Rapids River.

2. Galaxy Water Slide World

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Based in Germany, Galaxy Water Slide World has up to 28 water slides, but it’s the X-treme Faser ride that is most notorious. With a free-fall speed of up to 45mph, several women have reported injuries caused by the slide’s gushing waters.

As a result, it is no longer “available to women.” The intense ride also comes with an injury disclaimer in the description. I’d think long and hard about this one!

3. Aqualandia

Water rides

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Aqualandia, located in the popular Spanish tourist destination of Benidorm, has gained notoriety as one of the world’s most dangerous water parks.

4. Western Water Park

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Magaluf, Spain, is home to Western Water Park. Numerous visitors have deemed it one of the world’s most hazardous water parks. While no fatalities have occurred, innumerable individuals have sustained injuries. In addition, the park’s overcrowding hinders the implementation of safety measures.

5. Lake Compounce

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This outdoor water park is located in Connecticut. According to several TripAdvisor reviews, the park has safety concerns, and some rides are too fast and frightful.

6. Waterworld USA

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Waterworld USA is a Concord-based water park. In 1997, a graduation prank turned into a tragedy when 30 individuals attempted to ride a slide together, resulting in 30 injuries and one fatality. The slide’s capacity was exceeded, leading to its collapse and resulting in injuries and fatalities.

7. Action Park

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Action Park was an amusement park located in Vernon, New Jersey. It opened in 1978 and quickly became known for its dangerous rides, earning the nickname “Accident Park.” The park was infamous for bruises, scars, broken bones, and even death. Several visitors lost their lives while using the rides. The park was dubbed “Class Action Park” for the lawsuits it attracted. It closed in 1996.

8. Schlitterbahn Waterpark

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One of its waterslides, Verrückt, was the tallest waterslide in the world at 169 feet tall. However, on August 7, 2016, a tragic accident occurred.

9. Dreamworld Amusement Park

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Dreamworld Amusement Park is located in Australia. In 2016, a tragic accident occurred on the Thunder River Rapids ride when four riders died after their raft flipped over into the rushing rapids due to a water pump malfunction. 

10. Wet ‘n’ Wild

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Wet ‘n Wild in Orlando, USA, was a popular water park that operated for several decades before closing its doors in 2016. It had a history of accidents and injuries, including slips and falls, collisions on slides, and incidents related to water attractions.

11. Calypso Water Park

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Calypso Water Park is situated in Ontario, Canada. The Steamer ride has caused multiple injuries. This ride alone accounted for 14 safety violations in 2011 at the park.

12. The Peninsula Aquatic Recreation

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The Frankston-based Peninsula, Aquatic Recreation Centre, is a premier destination for aquatic activities. The Aquasphere ride has caused multiple injuries. The most severe injury occurred when two individuals suffered significant trauma after hitting their heads while descending the chute.

Please be careful when exploring water parks and theme parks with your families.

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