10 Most Disappointing Travel Destinations According to Solo Travelers

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Solo travel has plenty of perks: it’s cheaper, and you don’t have to negotiate or compromise about what you want to see and when, but some places make solo travel a little more complicated. Whether it’s something to do with the general condition of your surroundings, safety, or local customs, solo travel also has disadvantages. According to the internet, these are some of the most disappointing travel destinations.

1. Peru

Machu Picchu, a Peruvian Historical Sanctuary in 1981 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983. One of the New Seven Wonders of the World

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According to one solo traveler, besides scams and lousy internet, “I had just done a big expedition by myself in Southern Mexico, so I expected Mexican-level cuisine and insane culture. I felt instead like it was a tight Disney-esque circle ring in Cuzco and everywhere else. I was just upset by how predatory every interaction was.”

2. San Francisco, California, USA

Father with arms around his family looking at beautiful summer mountains landscape, on hiking trip .Golden Gate Bridge, over Pacific Ocean, San Francisco, California, USA

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While one person pointed out that nowhere in San Francisco was terrible, others were disappointed with how expensive it was, especially with the “makeshift tent shantytowns littering the sidewalk almost everywhere you go.”

3. Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Arun Temple at sunset landmark of Bangkok, Thailand

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The capital of Thailand can be a nightmare for first-time visitors to the country, especially if you’re trying to navigate it by yourself. The person who suggested this city as one of the most disappointing destinations said, “It was so bad I decided to skip the rest of Thailand and bought the next flight ticket to Laos after two days.” Others suggested that Bangkok was the sort of city that grew on you the longer you spent in it.

4. Egypt

The Great Pyramid of Giza

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Many people, not just solo travelers, experience a fascination for this Ancient civilization but become disappointed after they arrive.

“The amount of hassling that tourists face is incredible. Even for directions to the toilet, people want a tip! The worst. I had such high hopes and was fascinated, but it was all dashed by experience.”

5. Chiang Mai, Thailand

happy Asian man feeding Elephant with sugar cane in tropical green forest near river at sanctuary in Chiang Mai Thailand. mature adult in Thai Northern traditional cloths

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With its wealth of quirky cafes and coffee shops and its historic wall, this was personally one of my favorite places in Thailand, but for several people, it was different from what they expected.

One jet setter said, “Thailand was nothing like the hype. I’m an experienced enough traveler to know to temper my expectations, but man, the disappointment was huge. [It had] grouchy people, only so-so cheap, food was fine, and the nightlife was not my speed.”

6. Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

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This traveler summed up their experience, and others agreed:

“I lived in Berlin for several years, and once you get past the initial honeymoon phase, where it seems like the most fun/exciting place on earth, you realize it’s actually [not that great] to live for foreigners. Couldn’t stand the daily microaggressions from the locals and self-centrism of self-proclaimed Berliners.”

7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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One person said, “People seem to rave about it. It was OK but dull. Not a great city for walking, and some problems with WiFi connections and a lack of AC in many places. I didn’t hate it. It was just meh.”

However, someone said, “Knowing a few locals turns KL into the most amazing city I’ve ever visited. Getting out of KLCC and going to the places locals actually frequent is the trick to enjoying the city.”

8. Manila, The Philippines

Manila, Philippines

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“There is traffic, it’s cramped, and it’s just a basic metropolitan city. Not much to do history-wise. Mostly dancing, clubbing, and shopping,” said one visitor. On the other hand, several people compared it to any other average city worldwide. One person felt that “The Philippines are arguably the best country in the world for dating as a single man.”

9. Sydney, Australia

The city skyline of Sydney, Australia. Circular Quay and Opera House. touristic points, travel photo, sunny day

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Recently on a list of the most liveable cities in the world, this Aussie city is the most visited by tourists. However, a disgruntled visitor said, “Beautiful surroundings, but oh so boring and soulless. Run down and extremely expensive for what you get, quite possibly the worst building standards I’ve ever seen.” Another person added, “A big caveat to those lists is that they are livable if you have the money.”

10. Tulum, Mexico

Old Maya Beach in Tulum - Mexico

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This archaeological site in the Yucatan region holds a fascination for many visitors. “It’s unbelievable how obsessed outsiders are with Tulum and how they idolize it,” complained one commenter, “It’s stupidly expensive, even more than a nice all-inclusive resort in Cancun, but in Tulum, it just includes the room. If you want to eat and drink, all restaurants overcharge you for average food and drink.” Times have changed.

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