How to Take the Mobile Bay Ferry from Dauphin Island to Fort Morgan


If you’re reading this article, you’re probably wondering how to take the Mobile Bay Ferry from Dauphin Island to Fort Morgan or vice versa.

We took the ferry ride with our camper and have all the details to share with you. Yes, you read that right; we were able to ferry our truck pulling our 17-foot camper. It was so much fun! The Mobile Bay Ferry transports cars, trucks, small campers, RVs, and passengers without vehicles. The ferry even allows dogs! Continue reading to get the scoop.

How to Ride the Mobile Bay Ferry

Riding the Mobile Bay Ferry is one of the many fun things to do on Dauphin Island. From Dauphin Island, visitors can ferry east to Fort Morgan. Whether you’d like to visit the Historic Fort Morgan, take a scenic ferry ride, or continue a road trip east towards Gulf Shores, add riding the Mobile Bay Ferry to your Alabama bucket list!

While taking the ferry, keep your eyes peeled for dolphins, sea life, and other large ships off the coast. We saw dolphins during our Alabama Gulf Coast road trip.

Dauphin Island Ferry Schedule

From Dauphin Island, the ferry goes out multiple times a day. Check out the most current Mobile Bay Ferry Schedule to plan your trip. The schedule can change daily depending on the weather and the boat in operation. There are a few different boats.

Dauphin Island Ferry Cost

The Dauphin Island Ferry cost depends on the size of your vehicle, or motorcycle, the number of passengers in your car or on your motorcycle, and if you have a trailer or motor home. Fare changes depending on the time of the year.

Read the most current Mobile Bay Ferry fares for specific pricing details.

Lining Up to Take the Mobile Bay Ferry

Waiting to load the Mobile Bay Ferry

Riding the ferry is super easy! All you have to do is drive your vehicle to the east end of Dauphin Island. Towards the east end, you’ll see a ticketing booth with two dedicated ferry lanes on the road.

Check ahead of time to see what time attendants recommend showing up to meet the ferry time you’d like to take.

For example, we took the 9:30 am ferry on a Tuesday morning and showed up at 9:00 am, and it was plenty of time to get in line and board for the 9:30 departure.

However, the attendant said that visitors planning to ride the ferry should plan to be there 30 minutes to an hour ahead of the departure time, depending on the day. If we were planning to take the 11:00 am ferry, we probably would want to be there at least 45 minutes ahead of time.

Be sure to check ahead of time to accommodate the best timing to meet your needs depending on the time of day, day of the week, and time of year.

Does the Mobile Bay Ferry Take Reservations?

No, the ferry does not have a reservation system. It operates on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Are Pets Allowed?

Yes, pets are allowed on the ferry.

Does the Ferry Allow RVs from Dauphin Island Campground?

There is a campground on Dauphin Island, and lots of people have their RVs, small campers, and motor homes. The Dauphin Island Ferry does accommodate motor homes depending on your rig’s size and the size of the boat each day. If you’d like to plan to ferry your RV, check with the ferry attendant ahead of time to work out the details.

How Long is the Ferry Ride from Dauphin Island to Fort Morgan?

The ferry ride to Fort Morgan, Alabama, is 40 minutes. The crew is super-efficient, loading and unloading the ferry.

Resources to Plan Riding the Ferry

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