Best Subaru Outback Accessories for Outdoor Adventures

Subaru inspires love and happiness in our lives by motivating us to travel and recreate outdoors. It is no wonder Subaru has an outdoorsy cult following! This vehicle cultivates and inspires adventure travel and road-tripping. Keep reading to hear more about our experience and ways to make buying a car more pleasant for yourself if you are in the market for a new rig. We also share the best Subaru Outback accessories we love for recreating outdoors!

Subaru Outback camping

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We road trip a lot; road-tripping and exploring the U.S. are a massive part of our lives and the blog!

In fact, this is one of the main reasons we purchased a Subaru Outback.

The Outback has all the features needed to gift yourself travel and outdoor recreation experiences.

Buying a car can be stressful! There are so many options…

We wanted to share our personal experience to help others with their car buying endeavors.

We also wanted to share the Subaru Outback accessories we love that you need to get for your outdoor adventures!

Subaru Outback Recent Owner Overview  

As recent owners of the 2019 Outback, we are in awe of the quality of adventure it offers us.

To name a few, our wagon has:

  • AWD
  • Beautiful and functional black interior/exterior
  • Top of the line safety features
  • Moonroof
  • A trunk that automatically lifts with the push of a button!
  • It rides soooo smooth

My favorite is the moon roof! Find one with a moon roof…

The husband geeks out over all the excellent tech features.

The Outback has quite a bit of tech, such as:

  • Proximity sensors – front, back, sides – tells you how close you are to objects and other cars
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Lane keep assist and sway warning
  • Pre-collision braking
  • Pre-collision throttle management
  • EyeSight ® driver assist
  • Great sound system

But most importantly, the engine is powerful and fast! We have the 3.6R engine. The car goes up steep hills NO PROBLEM.

Of course, this article is all from my perspective. As a matter of fact, I’m sure if the husband was writing this article, he would have more car lingo to add.

The Outback is plenty large enough inside to store all your gear as well as creature comforts for road trips and car camping. Super important for the outdoorsy type!

Keep reading to hear more about some of the Subaru Outback accessories you might need for your outdoor recreation rig.

Best Subaru Outback Accessories

Curt Hitch

We had a CURT hitch professionally installed for our Thule bike rack.

CURT class II trailer hitch with ball mount 1 1/4″ receiver

Click below to purchase the CURT hitch that fits the 2019 Subaru Outback on Amazon.

Thule Bike Rack

Below is the same two-person bike rack we have, which we got on Amazon (free shipping!) if you are in the market for a new bike rack.

Most important to note, this model lays back so you can still get in the back without having to take the rack off. That’s why we purchased it.

Best Inflatable Mattress

Additionally, the Outback is even large enough to sleep in the back if you want.

Check out our post on the best Subaru Outback car camping mattress if you want to sleep in the back of your wagon.

The exped megamat duo 10 medium wide inflatable mattress is in the photo above.

The mattress fits PERFECT in the back of the Outback. It is available on Amazon.

Cargo Net

We love the envelope cargo net to keep things from sliding around while roading tripping too!


Most importantly, I feel safe. In fact, safety is one of the reasons we love Subaru. After owning our vehicle for a year, we can tell Subaru did not sacrifice comfort for safety.

In particular, our vehicle has state-of-the-art safety features. Furthermore, these safety features include blind-spot and nearby vehicle notifications.

Our Outback has a rear camera for backing up and parking.

Every time I get inside our wagon, I thank it for being so safe and impressive due to a 5-star safety rating.

It is crucial to have a car that makes you feel safe, especially when road-tripping.

Equally important, the Outback is fantastic for buzzing around town running errands and has proven itself in all types of weather events (pouring rain, crazy wind, ice, snow).

Our Buying Experience

My husband and I moved from Colorado to Oklahoma. We already knew we wanted a Subaru coming from adverse weather conditions.

We purchased our 2019 Subaru Outback from a knowledgeable and welcoming team at a dealership in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

To begin with, the team made our car buying process comfortable and easy.

To explain more, this was the first time my husband and I had purchased a vehicle from a dealership, and we are both in our mid-30s.

The team treated us well; they were patient, kind, and made the experience easy.

Car buying advice: Find a salesperson that treats you with respect and is friendly. If a sales associate makes you uncomfortable… leave.

At any rate, the commercials and brand behind the Subaru name were true with our new-to-us car purchase experience.

More car buying advice: buy last year’s model or a demo that has low mileage. It will be super nice and cost less money! That is what we did!

Know your budget and price point.

Take your time, test drive, go to lunch, test drive again… make a decision.

Shop Subaru Outback Accessories

Thule Camber Hitch Bike Rack – 2 bike

Thule Camber Hitch Bike Rack – 4 bike

CURT Class 2 Trailer Hitch with Ball Mount 1-1/4-Inch Receiver

Car Camping Mattress

Envelope Cargo Net

Outdoor Adventures

Adventure awaits you no matter where you go. There are so many ways to experience the grandness of nature and being outdoors. Seek adventures wherever you go!

Subaru Outback allows us to go anywhere in the U.S. to travel and recreate outdoors. To emphasize, the Subaru Outback accessories we have enable us to take our bikes and sleep in the back of the wagon quickly. There is so much room for all our gear.

Experience is a Gift

Experience is the best gift you can give yourself, and our Subaru Outback especially allows us to continue exploring.

In truth, our Subaru allows us to opt outside, to live the day, the moment, and create unforgettable family memories in the backcountry. Because, some of the places we go, you need an AWD vehicle!

And, wagons are super rad!

Our Subaru inspires love and happiness.

Thanks for stopping by!

Ashlee & Pablo

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  1. Cristina Sala | 21st Nov 20

    Ashlee y Pablo.
    Miro esta pagina y digo que maravilla todo el equipamiento con el que cuentan .
    Es la unica manera de poder viajar como Ustedes lo han hecho.

    • Ashlee Fechino | 21st Nov 20

      ¡Hola Cristina! Gracias por leer nuestra publicación y comentar. ¡Te enviamos amor desde EE. UU.! Abrazos

      Hi Cristina! Thanks for reading our post and commenting. Sending you love from the US! Hugs

  2. Jeffrey Tunick | 19th May 21

    Can you comment on how comfortable you both find it sleeping in the OB or is the narrow 41″ an issue??? Obviously more narrow than a typical full size of queen size mattress. The Exped Megamat looks terrific but we are hesitant due to concerns about the space being a bit too narrow. Thanks for any feedback you can provide.

    • Ashlee Fechino | 22nd May 21

      Hi Jeffrey! We stuff our duffle bags on the sides for extra shoulder room. That helps a lot when both of us are sleeping in the back of the Outback. We have used this mattress to sleep in the tent together, and it was a little narrow without having the door “wings” to stuff like in the car. It would be an excellent mattress for solo tent camping; it works well for us in the car. I hope this helps you! It is pretty comfortable! We love it.

  3. Jeffrey Tunick | 25th May 21

    Thanks! Another question about your Subaru Outback…..I’ve read that if the Keyless Entry FOB is in the car overnight, it can drain the car’s battery. So how do you guys lock the car with the key FOB inside and avoid this problem?

    • Ashlee Fechino | 25th May 21

      Hi Jeffrey! Thanks for your comment. We actually haven’t had this problem before! I would check with Subaru and see what they say. We have slept in our Subaru at least 5 times over the last year and have not drained the battery. We also have tent camped a lot more and I would say the keys are always in the car in one of our bags. We make sure all the doors are closed. You can crack your windows or open the sunroof. Definitely call Subaru and see what they say. Thanks for bringing this up – Pablo and I will pay attention for future trips!

  4. Jeffrey Tunick | 25th May 21

    Glad to hear you and Pablo have not experienced the drained battery with the Key FOB left in the car….its amazing how many Subaru owners have reported the problem. We’ll explore it with our Subaru dealer and other Subie friends. We are headed out on the road on June 1st and really looking forward to our trip…we have our Megamat in the OB and off we go! Thanks again!

    • Ashlee Fechino | 25th May 21

      Awesome! Hope you have a GREAT time! I think we will call Subaru too just for future reference. Thanks for bringing it up 🙂 Happy travels. Enjoy the mattress.

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