No Second Chance: 15 Travel Destinations Around the World That “Failed To Impress”

Tourist man with hat riding on camel background pyramid of Egyptian Giza, sunset Cairo, Egypt.

There’s nothing worse than being psyched up for a trip only to be let down when you get there. These are 15 travel destinations around the world that failed to impress the travelers who visited. 

1. San Felipe, Mexico

san felipe mexico

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One traveler shares they were ready for sun, sea, and a sunburn in San Felipe but were ultimately let down when they arrived and saw the environmental degradation that had taken place in the area. Fisheries had been decimated, and the quality of the beaches had declined.

Even worse, they share that due to the economic depression, local authorities are trying to generate revenue by forcing tourists to pay fines for traffic violations and public intoxication.

2. Sihanoukville, Cambodia

sihanoukville cambodia

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The Sihanoukville buildings are described as, “Empty, abandoned concrete skyscraper shells” by one traveler who left after one night despite having booked a more extended trip. Other travelers shared that human trafficking in Sihanoukville is common — be careful.

3. Egypt

The Great Pyramid of Giza

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Although the historical sites in Egypt are incredible, the hagglers and scammers in the country are not. Female travelers have reported struggling with aggression towards women (by local men). Travel in a group if you can.

4. Rural Oklahoma, USA

route 66 oklahoma

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Rural Oklahoma has big natural springs, perfect for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. But a trip sadly turned into the “Worst. Vacation. Ever.” by one traveler. A guy took his family to the natural springs along the Illinois River and had to contend with ticks like never before.

It’s true, there can be lots of ticks in Oklahoma. Try to cover up and wear bug spray.

5. Jamaica


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Jamaica has beautiful and well-maintained resorts, but beyond the resorts, tourists are often subject to police harassment or assaults by local criminals. Stay at the resort, you’ll have a better time.

6. Delhi, India

delhi india

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Many travelers to Delhi have said that being on the roads is terrifying due to impaired drivers. The poor healthcare system is another worry travelers have; they worry they will “end up in worse condition” if they visit a hospital.   

7. Southern Illinois, USA

i55 illinois

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Although lovely in spring and summer, Southern Illinois becomes “desolate, brown, and cold” in the winter. The area could be more aesthetically pleasing for travelers, except when the surroundings look bleak and the snow turns into a gray sludge.

8. Lake Azov, Ukraine

lake azov ukraine

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The juicy, sweet fruit grown in Ukraine makes it hard to enjoy eating fruit anywhere else. However, once you’ve been devoured by mosquitos along the banks of Lake Azov, you’ll want to leave the fruit behind for a mosquito-less vacation. 

9. Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

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Venice may have gorgeous architecture and beautiful scenery, but the crowded streets, suspicious vendors, and street scammers can make the visit less than ideal. One traveler shares, “Everything was at least twice as expensive as other lovely but more low-profile places” they saw in Italy. To each their own.

10. Tunisia, Northern Africa

sousse tunisia

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Like Jamaica, Tunisia has lovely holiday resorts, but leaving the resort isn’t advised. Tourists are often harassed by street vendors or dragged into shops by hagglers trying to get them to buy their products.  

11. Miami, Florida, USA


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If you love warm, tropical places, then Miami is the place for you. However, many visitors can’t handle how humid and muggy it is. One person who lived in Miami for ten years said, “The humidity is so bad that you never really fully dry off.”

12. Branson, Missouri, USA

BRANSON, MISSOURI—APRIL 2017: Busy street in Branson, Missouri with the Branson water tower in the background.

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Although many mid-western families spend their vacations in Branson, travelers say there’s little to do in the city and find it rather “dull.”

13. Albania

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The alluring idea of an Albanian beach holiday has enticed many travelers. Unfortunately, they often return less than impressed from their getaway, saying there’s trash everywhere no matter where you look. The beach bars and restaurants compete for who can play the loudest music, and scammers often target tourists on the streets.

14. Jordan

petra jordan ancient ruin

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Although it is a beautiful country with lots of history and ancient ruins, female travelers share the way people in Jordan treat women is “somewhere between repugnant and horrifying.”

15. Dominican Republic

dominican republic

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The Dominican Republic is supposed to be a “once in a lifetime trip to the Caribbean,” but for many travelers, it’s their last trip to the Caribbean as they find the trash sprawled across the streets off-putting. Travelers are also warned about criminals if they decide to leave their resorts.

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