14 Important Facts People Seem To Ignore About a Zombie Apocalypse

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Long hailed a scenario reserved for video games and movies, the prospect of a zombie apocalypse has never been more real. Whether it be via a virus, an alien invasion or a fungus (as recently seen in The Last of Us), what would be your plan for survival?

According to one online community, there are several factors one must consider. These hard truths may seem dire, but when end times are concerned, it’s better to be prepared over ignorant every time.

1. Bug Out Bags Are Underrated

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That bug out bag you didn’t want to admit you had will finally come in handy. For those who haven’t packed one yet, this is your cue to start. 

2. Every Man For Himself?

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It’s a sad reality when people turn against each other, but a zombie apocalypse is not exactly the time to make friends. Naturally, your first priority will be yourself and your loved ones. That said, if you do get the chance to help a stranger, stocking up on good karma certainly doesn’t hurt.

3. There Will Be No Power

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There’s not going to be any power. All on-grid utilities will stop working as we know it. So hopefully you have a supply of batteries for your flashlight and a lighter for your fire.

4. No Fuel or Gas

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After we drain all the gas stations of gas, there will not be a resupply of fuel. That means cars will become useless. I hope you have a bicycle ready to go.

5. No Medicine

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Beyond pain relievers, insulin, and antibiotics, many rely on other meds to function daily.

One person notes, “If you’re dependent on meds to keep you going, you’ll probably be the first to go.” Without access to or no one to produce my daily thyroid pills, I would be at a significant health risk and could even slip into a coma. Scary thought.

6. Vision and Dental Care Won’t Exist

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Much like various medicines, we take access to vision and dental care for granted. But these are things people rarely acknowledge in their zombie apocalypse scenario discussions. And do we ever see characters needing glasses, contacts, or dentistry in these movies or shows?

As one contributor laments, “Got glasses? Better hope your vision stays the exact same and you never break them.” As a glasses wearer, this would be a great source of anxiety.

7. You Need The Four Essentials To Survive

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Some may think the number one priority to survive a zombie outbreak would be weapons to fight. But if conditions are horrible, there are four essentials not remembered enough. One bright individual claims these are “Water, shelter, heat, food. In that order. ”

Water is essential for survival, and we take the ability to source and filter it for granted. They also point out how imperative shelter is to protect us from nature and animals and that heat is needed for warmth and preparing food.

8. Looting Will Happen

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You better believe looting will wipe out everything… just like in the movies. It is best to have a stockpile of resources now.

9. Money Will Be Worth Nothing

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Money will literally be worth nothing – the days of bartering will be back. If your neighbors are friendly, you might be able to trade essentials for other goods you have stockpiled.

10. Dangers of Small Things

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It’s easy to be fearful of zombies solely when imagining an apocalypse. But another thing many ignore or don’t think about is that it’s much more likely that something innocuous would lead to your demise. Someone brings up the idea of a rusty nail without an up-to-date tetanus shot or having an allergic reaction without access to an Epi-Pen or hospital.

11. Islands Might Save You

Bowman’s Beach, Sanibel Island, Florida

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There may be more practical solutions for survival, but getting to an island during a zombie apocalypse is a concept that is never brought up. And it isn’t easy to understand why, given how much it could keep you safe.

An astute reader asks, “Do you think zombies have the brain power, let alone energy, strength, and knowledge of how to swim or operate a boat?” The answer to this is a resounding “No!” Of course, if zombies are real, you can’t rule out the existence of cursed pirate skeleton crews akin to Pirates of the Caribbean walking out of the ocean. Aye, best be not forgetting that. Savvy?

Also, how would you get fresh water? Think about that for a second.

12. You Need Protective Clothes

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One of the essential survival techniques seems obvious. But it is something rarely seen or heard in zombie movies or discussions. As a forum member suggests, what you wear can prove crucial: “Motorcycle riding clothes are the best clothes to wear. [There is] no way you can bite through all that armor and leather.” Even if it’s warm out, it would be worth it.

13. Shelter in Tree Houses

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Much like the strategy of getting to an island, there may be more practical options than living or sleeping in tree houses. But it’s an incredibly clever idea.

Zombies are not strong or intelligent enough to climb trees. So long as the entrance is not accessible to them, you will be safe up in the trees. And it would make the situation more bearable to be surrounded by nature’s beauty. Just imagine you’re living in the Swiss Family Robinson tree house.

14. More Zombie Facts

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Why don’t people or media ever discuss what being a zombie entails? Yes, they are fictional. But there is a consensus about what they are like. They are dead, which means “their muscles cannot regenerate,” so they would tear and “would eventually just fall apart.”

Another asserts how both weather conditions are damaging to zombies. “If it’s hot, they will be gone in a few days or simply be walking skeletons with little connective tissue to keep them together, making them really easy targets. If it’s winter, they will freeze solid, and it’s easy to dispose of them.”

15. Bye Bye Non-Believers

Sacred business man

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The world is rife with differing opinions and beliefs. Even with historical examples, we don’t consider how that would affect a zombie situation. Many remarks how much of a problem some would be, specifically those who would deny or not believe in the outbreak and “get bit on purpose” just to prove a point.

There would also likely be severely misguided do-gooders trying to protect the rights of zombies. I perish the thought, but all these scenarios are plausible.

16. You’ll Probably Be a Zombie

Worried lady

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The last thing that most ignore about a possible apocalypse is that most of the population will be a zombie in a situation such as this. You won’t have to worry because, by definition, you’ll likely be infected right away. At least the stress of survival mode will be gone.

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