30 Items to Create a DIY Simple Camp Kitchen

One of the best parts about camping is cooking under the open sky. We thought it necessary to speak to the 30 items you need to create a simple camp kitchen. Continue reading for the ultimate list of camp kitchen essentials and how to do it yourself! The list is short and sweet!

Let’s check it out!

Camp kitchen set up

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Camping is the Best

We love the smell of wood-burning from a campfire in the air. Camping offers so much freedom as well as connection to the environment. We always feel recharged during and after a camping trip. Camping always makes us so happy. Above all, camping and being in nature is such a big part of our blog, inspiring happiness through outdoor recreation.

Since we write a lot about our camping adventures, last weekend while camping in the Ozarks at Beaver Lake, we thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of camp kitchen essentials with some photos for our readers.

How to Make a DIY Camp Kitchen

In reality, we try to keep things as simple as possible and to pack as light as possible. We do enjoy our creature comforts, though.

You can create your own camp kitchen from items you have around the house you aren’t afraid to use outdoors; for things you are missing or would like to have, watch for off-season sales to get the best price.

Our camp kitchen has been made randomly over the years! It doesn’t have to be pretty or perfect!

Have fun creating your own flare.

Keep reading to see how we like to set up our camping kitchen.

30 Simple Camp Kitchen Items

Camp kitchen set up while camping at Beaver Lake in Arkansas

Ultimate List of Camp Kitchen Essentials

Below is the list of items we recommend for setting up a simple camp kitchen for two:

  1. Camp table – like the split version in the photos – one side for the stove and the other as a table
  2. Coleman Propane Stove – you can get on Amazon for a great price!
  3. Propane – buy in bulk from SAMs club – way cheaper
  4. Lighter – we like the bic flex want lighters, so we don’t burn ourselves. These lighters flex to what you are trying to light, and you get more bang for your buck if you buy a pack.
  5. Flint stick – for starting wood fires the rustic way.
  6. Hot water kettle
  7. Cooking pans – we bought the backpacking kind from REI
  8. Two – Coffee mugs – we like Yeti.
  9. Water jugs/bottles to refill – we have this 7-gallon jug
  10. Coffee press – got at REI
  11. Kitchen towel(s)
  12. Two Plates
  13. Two Bowls
  14. Two silverware sets – fork, knife, spoon
  15. Cutting board
  16. Cutting knife
  17. Spatula
  18. Tongs
  19. Foil – unless you want to cook on the grill directly
  20. Two – cups – for wine (yes, please) or beverages of your choice
  21. Disinfecting sanitizing wipes
  22. Hand sanitizer
  23. Trash bag(s)
  24. Reusable silicone bags or snack set – suitable for packing hiking snacks or leftovers
  25. Cooler – we are obsessed with our Yeti Tundra
  26. Ice
  27. Two – camp chairs – we are also obsessed with our Helinox chairs in the photo below. The chairs we have are super comfy and lightweight.
  28. Dishwash bucket – to make cleaning easier
  29. Sponge
  30. Biodegradable soap – essential that the dish soap is biodegradable

Sustainable & Plastic Free Camp Kitchen Products

We have been enjoying the newest additions to our camp kitchen by Net Zero Company (not pictured).

Net Zero is big on creating reusable and plastic-free products which minimize waste.

We love the reusable unpaper towels, silicone food storage bags, and snack set!

Where to Purchase Simple Camp Kitchen Items

We have purchased most of our items from REI, Walmart, and of course, Amazon.

Click Here to Shop REI.com!

Have a Camp Kitchen Bin or Tote Stored and Ready

We have a kitchen bag stored away and ready to go for all our road trips and camping adventures.

You can do the same for your own setup!

Practice Leave No Trace

Always practice Leave No Trace when camping.

Always Pack a Simple Camp Kitchen

Pablo and I never go car camping without these items unless we drive to a destination we know is already stocked up like a family member’s house, friend’s house, or vacation rental by owner (VRBO).

Having these 30 items for a simple camp kitchen ready to go allows us to get away in the woods while enjoying our creature comforts.

We love to cook. Most of these items will fit in a reusable grocery tote to keep packing easy.

Of course, a simple list of items means less to write, right?!

Happy camping and eating,

Ashlee & Pablo

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