Exactly How to Spend One Perfect Day in OKC Oklahoma

Oklahoma City is a wonderful place to visit and spend the day! There are many activities within the city, and everyone will find something they love to do, from visiting Bricktown, Scissortail Park, and the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum. There is even a place to go whitewater rafting! Oklahoma City (OKC) has many fun things to do – one day will not be enough time here! We are sharing how to spend one perfect day in OKC!

Who would have thought you could take a water taxi through the middle of a city on the Great Plains or go whitewater rafting?!

We want to help you have the best time visiting! Read more to find out how to have an awesome trip with this Oklahoma City travel guide!

OKC Bricktown Area

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Where Should I Go for A Day Trip in Oklahoma City?

One of the great things about Oklahoma City is that there are many different places and attractions to visit. If you’re planning a quick trip to OKC, we recommend spending the day in Bricktown.

Visitors can stay, eat, and play in the OKC Bricktown District and be within walking distance of many things to see and do!

We like to walk around when we explore cities – then we don’t have to worry about renting a car or taking too many taxis or Ubers.

Now, let’s get you all the tips on what to do in Oklahoma City, focusing on hanging out around the OKC Bricktown District!

One Day in OKC – Top 10 Things to Do

  1. Explore Bricktown OKC
  2. Ride the Bricktown Water Taxi
  3. Enjoy OKC Restaurants in Bricktown
  4. Check out Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark
  5. Walk to Scissortail Park & Visit the Skydance Bridge
  6. Visit OKC National Memorial & Museum
  7. See the Epic Centennial Land Run Monument
  8. Check out the Oklahoma City Convention Center
  9. Visit Myriad Botanical Garden
  10. Go Rafting at Riversport Rapids & Adventures
OKC Scissortail Park

Explore Bricktown OKC

Bricktown is known as the entertainment district in Oklahoma City. There is a plethora of dining, bars, clubs, retail stores, hotels, art, and tourist attractions to check out!

You can also rent scooters and bikes to cruise around.

Ride the Bricktown Water Taxi

Take a ride along the Bricktown Canal with the Bricktown Water Taxi service!

There is a kiosk to book a ride, and visitors can also make reservations online.

Who would have thought you could take a water taxi through the middle of a city on the Great Plains!

OKC Bricktown Canal with yellow water taxi

Enjoy OKC Restaurants in Bricktown

There are a lot of fun eateries and restaurants in the Bricktown District!

We really like steak and have had a good experience at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar.

Check out the Bricktown Visitors Guide Map to pick out other restaurants such as Brickopolis, Bricktown Brewery, The Melting Pot, and more.

Yes, there is a Starbucks in Bricktown! And yes, I got a skinny pumpkin spice latte the last time we visited!

Restaurant and bar hopping is always a fun thing to do in Oklahoma City at night.

Check out Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark

Catch a Dodger minor league baseball game at the Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark.

Or walk around the outside and take pictures. There are neat sculptures and art at the entrances.

OKC Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark front entrance

Walk to Scissortail Park & Visit Skydance Bridge

Visit Scissortail Park in OKC!

Yes, that intriguing-looking bridge you can see from almost everywhere in OKC – is also known as the Scissor Tail Bridge because the Scissortail bird is Oklahoma’s State Bird. The bridge architecture literally looks like a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher.

Grab your special someone and walk across with Skydance Bridge (Scissortail Bridge)! Visitors place locks as a symbol of love and friendship along the fence of the Skydance Bridge. This is a special thing to do for couples in OKC!

While visiting, you might also enjoy the roller-skating rink, Sky Rink, and seasonal OSU-OKC Farmers Market at the park.

Skydance Bridge

Visit OKC National Memorial & Museum

OKC is known for the unfortunate event of April 19, 1995, the Oklahoma City Bombing.

People come from all over the world to pay respects to those who lost their lives by visiting the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum.

The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum is a National Park Service site.

OKC National Memorial photo collage made using Canva

See the Epic Centennial Land Run Monument

The Centennial Land Run Monument is an incredible bronze sculpture commemorating the Land Run of 1889 for Unassigned Land in the Oklahoma Territory. It is one of the most extensive bronze sculptures in the world by artist Paul Moore. It truly is a sight to see.

OKC Centennial Land Run Monument

Check out the Oklahoma City Convention Center

If visiting Scissortail Park and the Skydance Bridge, walk across the street and see OKC’s new Convention Center. It is really nice!

If you’re vising OKC during the summer, it is a nice reprieve to go inside and walk around from the heat. You might even catch an event such as a trade show or concert!

Outside walkway of OKC Convention Center

Visit Myriad Botanical Garden

Just north of Scissortail Park, you can walk to the Myriad Botanical Garden. It is a 17-acre botanical garden.

The Myriad Botanical Garden also offers FREE yoga classes.

OKC Myriad Botanical Garden image from Canva

Go Rafting at Riversport Rapids & Adventures

Alright – if you’re not from OKC, you might be wondering how you can possibly go rafting on the plains in the middle of Oklahoma! Don’t worry; we felt the same before we moved to Oklahoma!

Oklahoma City has a Boathouse District!

Guess what else? OKC has the US Olympic & Paralympic Training Site! Yes, you read that correctly.

Spending the day at the Boathouse District is so awesome, especially if you love watersports as we do. Visiting Riversport Adventures makes for the perfect day in OKC. You can surf, go whitewater rafting, tubing, and stand-up paddleboarding!

Other Questions You May Planning Your OKC Trip

Is there a place to park in Bricktown?

Yes, there is plenty of paid parking in designated Bricktown parking areas.

Trip tip: If you’re just coming to OKC for the day from the surrounding area, parking at Bass Pro Shops is free!

What is there to do in OKC for free?

Walking around the Bricktown District is free.

Other free activities include visiting Scissortail Park, the Skydance Bridge, and touring around the Bricktown District. Visiting the Centennial Land Run Monument is also free.

The Myriad Botanical Garden offers FREE yoga classes.

Is it safe to walk around Bricktown, OKC?

Yes, we walked around all day and felt perfectly safe.

Always be aware when traveling in any city worldwide – get acquainted with your surroundings and be smart.

Where should I stay when visiting OKC Bricktown for a day?

There are a lot of beautiful hotels in the Bricktown District, such as Aloft OKC Downtown/Bricktown, AC Hotel by Marriot, and the Omni Oklahoma City Hotel.

Since we live in Tulsa, we never stay at a hotel; we always drive home. But all of these hotels look beautiful!

What is Oklahoma City known for?

It is called the horse show capital of the world. The Oklahoma State Fair is a big deal, and it happens in September.

Oklahoma City is also known as the home base for the OKC Thunder – if you love basketball!

What are things to do in OKC this weekend?

This article lists perfect things to do in OKC this weekend! There are so many great activities to check out in Oklahoma City.

The next time we visit, we plan on spending an entire day at Riversport Adventures!

If for some reason, you do have a car or are maybe more local and want to visit Lake Hefner, there is a beautiful, paved trail around the lake to run, walk, or bike.

There is also the Oklahoma City Boat Club at Lake Hefner that hosts sailing races!

One Fun Day in OKC

We hope you have the best time visiting Oklahoma City! There are so many fun things to do.

We are sure that by exploring this beautiful city, catching a water taxi ride around Bricktown, touring Scissortail Park, and enjoying watersports at Riversport Adventures, not only will your visit be an enjoyable one, but it will be filled with plenty of surprises! Because, did you really know you could take a water taxi ride through a city in the Great Plains or go whitewater rafting? We didn’t before we moved to Oklahoma! Have fun ya’ll!

Thanks for reading!

Ashlee & Pablo

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